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New schedule

Here I am again tryint to figure out what makes me overeat. Of course I know I am an emotional eater, and therefore if I want to lose weight I need to de-stress, but mainly to find a “place” in me where I will be in control of my emotions.

Fortunately I have found a guy –we are five months into a wonderful relationship– I can talk to, but anyway there are things I have to do myself. So, I will make a list of all those things which make me suffer on a daily basis, and my policy will be to try to avoid them.

1) Aggressive people. I am not aggressive, therefore those who are stress me out.

2) Being late with submissions and with correction. I am a teacher and I also work as dean, so dates are a nightmare.

3) My  mother. Oh, my mother.

I think my best plan for a day would be this one:

Get up at 6, have breakfast and go running, shower and dress down to shoes. By 9 I should be ready to start to work.

Plan my teaching of the day.

Correct and study.

Have lunch, take a nap and go to work.

Go to sleep at 12 at the latest.

I will run errands once or twice a week only. I would like to swim too and go to the gym, but I fear that would be too much. I hope this schedule works.

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On October 1, 2014
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