Is this time different?

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Too weak or too old?

So I started to train seriously to run my 4k, but on my second day (with one rest day in between) I did not even get to run 3k. And I used to run 7k with no great effort! So what is it?

It is the first time that I train and diet (1200 cals) at the same time, so maybe it’s that?

I am 48 and started to run at 47, so maybe it’s that?

I had not drunk water before I started, and my belly was a bit “distressed” from eating chick peas and a lot of fruit. My blood pressure went down a little during the run because of that… Maybe it was that too?

So discouraged!

I will up my calories a little and take two days to rest between runs, and I will have to take up the gym, which I hate, to tone my upper body. That sucks! But I want to run those 4k, because I started to run on June 4 last year, so this race would be my “running birthday”. Hope I can make it and not get in last!

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By susana
On May 12, 2013
At 10:53 pm
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Mau Says:

Estoy entrenado! That does have a nice ring to it! 🙂

Usually before a run I have a bit of chocolate milk. It sits nice in the belly. Or a cup of skim milk with chocolate protein powder…good fuel too!
lol! Don’t worry, it’s not your age cause I’m 54!
Try mixing up longer runs with a couple of shorter run days in between.
Some days are just bad run days, too. If you still struggle after a mile or so to get into it then maybe just play around with speed work to build up your stamina. Start with 30 seconds fast, then 30 seconds jog for about 8 times then slowly build the time uo to a minute on and one minute off.
Maybe something like that will help.
I “youtubed” a bunch of running videos that really helped me in the past. I now love to play around with my runs as I build my mileage back up again.
Good Luck to us both and our mileage building! 😉

susana Says:

Thanks for your advice! It is so good to know that there is hope! LOL
I’ll try and then I’ll tell you how it goes!


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