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Training to race!

Yesterday I enrolled for my first race, a 4k race that will take place at the end of the month. I leaped to the opportunity because now I can easily get to 4k, so at least I know that I will get to the end, though I may get in last. One of the “effects” of this enrollment is that my eating has become suddenly “cleaner” and my habits have improved suddenly. No junk food at all, better sleeping hours, consciencious training… Wish me luck in the race, but especially in the training, which is proving to be a new experience for me!

May is proving to be a memorable month: I started to go out to the cinema and to concerts on my own, and now I am training… I feel so much better!

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By susana
On May 10, 2013
At 9:57 am
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Mau Says:

Good luck with the training! Don’t you love saying, “I’m in training”?
I’m getting my running groove back after a bad hamstring injury from skating this winter, so “training” is great! 🙂 happy running, kiddo!

susana Says:

Thanks for you answer! I love to say “I’m in training”, yes! Here in Latin America it goes “Estoy entrenando”, which also sounds suberb. Happy running to you too!


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