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In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Third week in Couch to 5k

This is getting really difficult! I should have jogged for three minutes today, but I had to cut that down to 2.5 minutes or I would just die. It is getting hard to stick to the program! I suppose I may need to put off week 4 and do week 3 twice, because it is really hard on me!
Weight-wise, I am maintaining at 51-52, with slight daily changes I don’t worry about. I try not to deprive myself –I ate ice cream yesterday– but also try not to go over 1300 calories, which seem to be the amount which allows me not to go above 52 kg.
I have not binged this year yet. I do not eat out of boredom or stress or frustration, though I still feel the (weaker) tug towards food now and then. Yesterday, as soon as I finished talking to my mom on the phone, I immediately thought of eating, though I was not hungry. Fortunately the craving is so weak that I can manage, but it is surprising to realize when I think of bingeing: my mom triggers the thought, and so does my graduate work. Those two areas of my life seem to be responsible for my unhappiness! LOL But again, I am not bingeing!
Hope you are all fine out there, sticking to your plan or making a new plan, or at least understanding why you are not on plan. Keep trying, keep going.

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By susana
On June 21, 2012
At 9:25 am
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less4more Says:

Congrats on reaching your goal weight and getting to the 3rd week of C25K! I’m at the weight you were @ when you first started and am hoping to get down to the 50-52kg range over the next two months. I started a similar running program and its funny how just 3 minutes can leave you winded. I ran faster for the first two minutes and then slowed down my pace for the third minute and managed to work through it. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress on running 5K!


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