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Watch out

Today I freaked out a little. Because of my work schedule, I take a break in the early afternoon –watch some TV, visit this forum, etc.– till I go back to work from 5PM to 11Pm –yes, crazy schedule. My trigger time used to be 3 to 4 pm, while watching some tv before getting ready for my evening shift.
These past four months I never ever ate between lunch and tea, and then I had a late dinner at 11pm.
Today I found myself eating whole wheat bread with sugar-free jam, at 3 pm, while watching the news. WTF??? Four months without eating at that time, and there I am, chewing bread???
So I thought, this is it. This is the moment when I start going down the slippery slope, when I start visiting the forum to remind myself of what I used to do and cannot do any longer, the moment when I start gaining my 16 pounds back.
Well, no sir! I went to work, came back and had some chicken breast, and that was it. I did not go over my 1200 cals, and though it was a high carb day, it was ok…
So now I think: what is the difference between this time of the year last year and now? Not much, but a lot: tons of work to do, with a lighter body and no food to take refuge in. And most importantly, I don’t need to take refuge anywhere!

Though I am “more normal” than last year, the binge-eating wiring is there, intact. I just need to learn how not to turn on that machinery…

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By susana
On May 3, 2012
At 6:56 pm
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