Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


I forget, and still I am

I forget I am on a diet, but I still remain on plan. I mean that I do not feel deprived, or hungry. I eat food I like –lean meat, whole wheat bread, rice cakes, vegetables, cheese and yogurt–, I lose weight so slowly I don’t notice and neither does anyone else, I work as usual, relate as usual, worry and rejoice at the same things. Only that the food is not there, nor do I care.
So what has happened? Has healthy eating become a habit? Has my “food mentality” changed? Has my body chemistry changed? While on holiday I was afraid I would fall off the waggon when back at work, but that has not happened. I fear now that when winter sets in –southern hemisphere, Fall is drawing in– I may find it difficult to keep away from more “nourishing” –read “fattening”– meals. But somehow, I know that won’t happen: today I felt hungry at tea time, but I was so focused on what I was doing that I kept postponing tea till dinner time, and then I ate frugally. So, my comment could be philosophically summarized as:
I think (a lot has changed in me) and therefore I am (a different person!). What is most amazing is that this happened as from New Year’s Eve, staring with a New Year Resolution to get healthy. I had promised the same thing so many times before! May 2012 be the year when I grow out of bad eating habits and become a healthy woman!

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By susana
On March 24, 2012
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