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Finally bought tights!

When early this morning the scale said 55, I thought it was a dream. I am very short, and stopped growing at 13 or 14. My weight when I was 17 was 47, and I felt fine with it. My lowest at high school was 45, at which I looked great, but found it very difficult to maintain. So, when I reached 62 (age 47), I decided it was wise to think of 52 as a goal, and then try to maintain throughout some months, regroup and see if I needed to lose more. I have lost 70 % of my extra weight, then, which is quite a lot!
My greatest problem is not so much the amount of fat, but the fact that most of it is around the hip and thighs, which makes it difficult for me to wear jeans or pants, not to mention tights. I only wear pants when it is very cold, and always with a coat. I felt fine with pants when I last weighed 52, which made me choose that number as target weight.
I was so very self-conscious about the shape of my body in pants or tights, that I did not own any gym clothes, which kept me away from the gym. My exercise consisted of walking, and I did that in dresses and sandals, flip flops or boots, depending on the weather.
As a reward for not bingeing I bought myself a pair of running shoes some time ago, but could not bring myself to try on pants or tights.
So today, after seeing the amazing 55, I went to have breakfast with a friend and then found myself visiting a sports shop and looking at gym clothes. I tried on two tights and ended up spending a little fortune on very nice tights which do not look terribly bad on me. They are soft, dark gray, extremely comfortable, and I could show myself in public with them! So, news is I am getting to accept my shape and to dare show it. A lot of our wellbeing depends not so much on the scale but on how comfortable we feel in our bodies and when in the presence of food, don’t you think?
Well, hope you are all doing great!

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By susana
On March 21, 2012
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