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The way others see us

Though I am feeling a lot stronger physically and spiritually mainly due to my newly found self-control, and though the scale says I lost more than 10 % of my weight and clothes fit better, nobody yet has told me I look thinner. I found a co-worker staring at me the other day and when our eyes met she pointed at my upper part and said I looked thinner, but I dismissed that because I am not and was not fat in my upper part… That was the only comment I got.

Yesterday some people posted pics on Facebook and I could see myself for the first time as others would see me, not the way I saw myself on the mirror. And I could compare some old pics and those new ones… And I could not believe how much it shows! My body is much more balanced now, and even my face is like prettier –I am not pretty, but I look better now. I was really surprised to see this, because I did not expect to be able to trace my weight loss in Facebook so plainly and not to get comments…

So now I know people must have noticed and are saying nothing. I wonder why… Is it because I am their boss and they don’t want to sound like apple-polishers? Who knows! Anyway, it is a NSV!

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By susana
On March 6, 2012
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incontrol2day Says:

Some people are super nervous mentioning weight loss. I remember losing my first 10% and wondering if it showed. My sister says it does but people don’t know whether or not to mention it.

Continue doing what you are doing since it’s obviously working. Eventually people won’t be able to shut up about it …. (truly)

dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

Some people don’t like to mention anything because the world is filled with over sensitive people. If some one say “oh you’ve lost weight” that person can turn around and say “Oh so you think I’m fat?” something dumb along those lines so it’s better for people to be quiet then it is to speak out about it I guess. I wish more people would compliment me too on my losses, its completely motivational! Good job on your loss and being able to see yourself in a different manner! Two accomplishments I say you’ve accomplished!

unskinnygirl Says:

Some people don’t say anything because they don’t want to make you feel like you didnt look good before the weightloss. Its weird. When I had lost about 25 pounds I was like,why isn’t anyone saying anything? Am I really that big that no one can notice 25 pounds?! Slowly people started saying something and it made me feel awkward. I have now lost 50 pounds. Yesterday I was at a family funeral,and I was overwhelmed with all the comments of how good I look. Cause I don’t feel I look much different. It’s like you think you want the compliments,but it does turn out to be a little awkward at first. Even though I know it’s a good compliment.

susana Says:

You are right about people feeling like not knowing what to say… When I notice somebodyy has lost weight I don’t say “you look thinner” but things lnike “that shirt looks great on you”, something like that… In fact I wouldn’t like people saying I am thinner, but saying something flattering now and then… I am sure we are all looking amazing!


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