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And finally, a reward

After weighing 56 kg for almost three weeks, after struggling yesterday with a neverending hungry day, today I wieghed in and discovered I weigh 55. I have not weighed this for around 5-6 years, so it is a day to celebrate! I am only 3 kilos away from my goal, which may not look much to taller people, but we shorties/oldies find it very hard to lose, and 3 kilos really show on us. My intention is to maintain on 52 for several months and then try to lose a couple more if I think I need to. But losing 10 kilos and maintaining would be fantastic for me, since I spent my life losing and gaining always for emotional reasons: I lost weight whenever I felt too bad, and then when I felt only bad or good I ate like crazy. Now that I can eat sort of normal –and go through hard days like yestarday– I feel capable of doing so many other things! I feel empowered, willing to help others along the journey and I am even considering buying gym clothes!

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By susana
On March 5, 2012
At 5:11 am
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