Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Most difficult day so far

A little update: my itching has disappeared, my weight has been stable for practically three weeks –I am so patient…– and I have not binged since New Year. With the exception of the plateau, everything seems to be fine. One of my objectives is to learn to be in control and to stop binge-eating, and I am achieving that. I have lost 6 kilos and need to lose 4 more, but I am in no real hurry, since I prefer control over weight loss. So, that’s the update.

But today I felt really hungry all day. I ate whole wheat toast, cheese, tuna and tomatoes, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I have to keep my intake at 1200 cals and as low carb as possible, and though some time ago those cals were difficult to reach, now they seem so few! I may be a little stressed out because I am working 24-7, but I need to find a way to vent that does not include food. I should do some exercise, but –funny as it may sound– I don’t have appropriate clothing for the gym yet. What do you wear to the gym? I am a bit self-conscious about my thighs, so I don’t like sweatpants or tights… What else can you wear?

Well, I promise. On March 10 I should buy myself something, since I reward myself every two binge-free weeks. I will get gym clothes. Don’t feel good about trying that on, but well, I will be thinking of you when I do it, chicks!

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By susana
On March 4, 2012
At 12:32 pm
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