Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Slipping dooooowwwn!

Fortunately I got to my senses before it was too late!

It started with the addition of some small treats to get to the 1200 cals –I could rarely eat more than 900-1000, so I needed to add something small and with many calories–, and I sort of started to get used to the little piece of something. And then I started to notice that for two or three running days I went over the 1200 (1300/1350) and could not refrain from the not so little piece of something… I never got to binge, but I was slowely getting out of control.

So, back on the good habits again as from today! I bought more vegetables and cooked them, had a light breakfast, and feel great. I did not put on weight –neither did I lose–, which is great news… I may have delayed the loss, that’s all. But I am happy about this, because:

1- I noticed it in time and it worried me, rather than provoke a shrug.

2- I know “the problem” is still there, and that I cannot look the other way: I still have an eating disorder, and will probably always have it.

3- I could stop and regroup before getting out of control.

4- I did not put on weight, which means that the loss so far is well done.

5- My clothes fit better than last week, which means that I may have lost some measures…

So, my message is… stop quick!

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By susana
On March 1, 2012
At 5:05 am
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carrie101 Says:

New here to blogging and trying to find ppl to encourage me! I really enjoyed your post today. You did a great job cathcing yourself. I find myself to be an all or nothing person. I eather eat it ALL or I have NONE. Right now I have NO control over my eating so I have to stay totally away from the bad stuff. Can’t wait to be able to do what you just did and start feeling better about myself 😀 Thanks for the lift up!

susana Says:

Hi Carrie! Thanks for your comment! Have you already started a blog? I tried to visit you but I was not directed to any blog.
It has taken me a long time to learn to control my emotions without resorting to food. In the Chicks in control forum there is a March binge-free challenge you could join…
Try to eat healthy and to keep away from refined sugar and flour, and you’ll see you will be able to control your cravings much better.
Good luck with your plan, and drop by! When you open a blog I’d like to visit it!


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