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Experienced dieter bouncing!

Well, some weeks ago I would have freaked out, but now that I learned a little about my body I know it is ok: after I lost that kilo, I put it on again! But my measures are still down, so I know I will go down again in a couple of days. It seems that I always “bounce” a little after losing, and then I lose again what I had lost before, and a little more. Seeing things in perspective, the pound up or the pound down do not seem important: what matters to me is to keep on plan and to eat healthy. Losing slowly is far better than quickly for a lot of reasons:

a- Folklore says the more slowly you lose the more slowly you put on weight if you regain it –which we won’t.

b- People don’t notice your loss that much, at least people who see you every day. This may trick them into believing that you were always thin and fit…

c- You body image –the idea you have of your body, that is– changes slowly too, so your thinner body still feels your own and not somebody else’s. You won’t get scared when a thin lady looks at you from the mirror.

d- The new clothes you have to buy will be on sale by the time you need them. Or, if you started dieting at the wrong time, they will be the new season’s clothes, and you will want to wear your nightie everywhere –which will result in a lot of dating.

e- If you lose slowly you may even forget you are on a diet and start it over every week, which makes your dieting shorter.

f- Your skin adjusts better to your new shape, or not.

g- You learn to be patient, which will make of you a better person, or a very slow one.

So, people, don’t worry about bouncing. Today, I don’t. If I continue putting on weight after today, probably I will change my theory and strive for quick losing.

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By susana
On February 21, 2012
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