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And it’s not allergies, at all.

So my skin started to itch badly without having rashes or anything. As I live in a tropical area I thought mosquitoes were to blame, but no, no mosquito bites either. So I said it’s the tomatoes, and stopped eating tomatoes. Itch itch. It’s the dairy products, no more yogurt, itch itch! Ten days like that, eating less and less, till I started to build another hypothesis.

I went back to work two weeks ago, and by then I feared I would start binging right away, as I did last year. I was surprised to discover I did not feel like overeating at all, to the point that my food plan gets easier and easier as time goes by. I can even eat some chocolate now and then without eating more than a bite, something I never thought I would be able to do. So after the itch tormented me for some days I started to wonder where all my stress was going… My co-workers are really tough to work with, so how come this year I WAS able to cope with their sh-t and last year I couldn’t and I needed to binge before going to work?

I think my body is expressing stress in this itching. I don’t feel it in the morning, but by the time I leave for the office I start scratching like crazy. Do you think this is possible? It would explain a lot! I don’t take any medication for anxiety, I don’t smoke, I don’t have a date –I am thinking of all the ways you may vent, don’t laugh–, I am not doing much exercise –it’s so hot outside you can’t go walking later than 6am, because you can’t catch enough air–, so I think maybe stress has made my skin super sensitive and I get these “allergies” as a consequence.

If they persist, I will check with the doctor, I swear. But how else would you explain that I don’t feel the need to eat carbs even though I am putting up with a lot?

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By susana
On February 16, 2012
At 6:51 pm
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dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

I get really itchy too, it’s rather irritating. Usually it has to do with my laundry soap I use. Are you using something different when you do laundry?

susana Says:

No, I’m not doing or eating anything different… I think it is just my nerves. I have to work it out with a mild antihistaminic and with peace and quiet, I think. Thanks for your comment!


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