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New use for trail mix: force-feeding!

And I thought I had seen all things weird…

Until last year, whenever I opened a package of trail mix I would consume it all and think that I had contributed to my well being because it was a healthy snack and because nuts are low carb. Now that I understood that low carb works only if it is also low cal, I started to lose weight more successfully. I also understood that trail mix had a huuuge amount of calories and just stopped eating it.

One of the consequences of eating low carb + low cal is that if I don’t eat meat/chicken I don’t pack many cals, so it is quite hard to get to my 1200. I sometimes have to make an effort to get to 1100. Yesterday evening after dinner, when I revised my log and added up my numbers I got to a meagre 650. I was not hungry, but I had to acknowledge that 650 is really little. I suppose the low number was caused by the fact that I ate a lot of cabbage, tomatoes and pumpkin, yogurt and some oats: filling, lots of vitamins, but really low cal.

I then discovered that trail mix may be used to force-feed a lady who is not very hungry but needs to take extra calories without much effort… And I thought I had seen it all! Me, forcing myself 1) to eat; 2) to get to 1200; 3) to finish a package of trail mix!!

Sleep-wise, I changed my stategy: I did not force myself to turn off the light or the TV at a certain time, but finished watching a show and then did it (12.30), when I was sleepy already. As I had not slept well the night before, I had no problem going to sleep. Let’s see what happens tonight!

A little achievement: my holidays are over and I have started to work again; I have not felt stressed yet, neither have I thought of eating without being hungry. Hope it keeps this way!

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By susana
On February 9, 2012
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unskinnygirl Says:

It’s always amazing when you learn something about what you used to think was a healthy choice! When I was a teenager I thought pasta was super healthy,I ate it all the time. I don’t know where I got that information from,but it’s all ate. Oh little did I know it was jut making me gain! Of course! Stupid carbs! Maybe if I would’ve been a super athlete,carbo loading might’ve been ok! I’m jut glad I know a lot
More about nutrition now,than what I used to know!

janeemosher Says:

i can totally relate to this. when i was strictly on plan, i would have leftover calories at the end of the day and i’d eat just because i didn’t want to go into starvation. crazy, huh? and thanks for the msg…. here’s my reply :

thanks susana! 🙂 i started today with eggbeaters scrambled with no butter or fat and steamed broccoli and asperagus chopped up and added. and a dash of parm cheese. no carbs, etc. it was good until around noon… and we were at costco. need i say more? tomorrow will be better than today was. today was better than yesterday. and hopefully sunday will be the best! we bought our deli turkey (nearly fat free) and i picked up fresh veggies, so i’m good to go.. just gotta NOT give in and break the sugar/fat/salt addiction YET AGAIN! …sigh… o well.


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