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Mistakes: Miscounting and missleeping

I made so many mistakes yesterday!

Mistake I: when counting calories I computed twice the same item, and when I realized I had done that I had already finished dinner and was not hungry any longer. I had eaten only 900 cals in the day, and though I tried to eat something else to get to at least 1100, I could really not swallow another bite. So, I ate too little without intending to, and that is not good.

Mistake II: though I DID turn off BOTH TV and light at 12, I could not fall asleep for … four hours. First, it was too hot. Then, there was a mosquito which fell in love with my feet and kept visting them. Finally, a storm broke out and I had to get up to fasten the windows. All these are excuses: my mistake was not to be able to relax after work, because I kept thinking and thinking about all our projects… This led to a very restless sleep, with nightmares and all. Awful!

I changed part of my breakfast and it is not working well: I had oats instead of All Bran, and I could not eat much after that. It was too filling… I hope today I will get to the 1200 cals! Any recipe to GET HUNGRY?

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By susana
On February 8, 2012
At 11:04 am
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