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Being a perfectionist is so not perfect, dear…

My son went on holidays with his friends and brought us a box of cupcakes. I am no fan of cupcakes, but he was sad nobody at home was eating them, so I ate two (hear the alarm ringing? that is my food plan on fire). Then, in the evening, though I was not hungy I had dinner all the same. Instead of eating one slice of spinach pie, which would have been enough, I ate three slices. Small slices, but two too many.

My program is simple: I don’t eat sugar or flour (cupcakes have both) and I don’t eat if I am not hungry. So, imagine how annoyed I was at this slip. Today I realized it was not that bad: I probably reached what? 1600 calories? Not terrible. Was it a binge? No, just eating more than usual. But anyway, the feeling of failure stayed there for awhile. It reminded me of previous diets: some years ago I would have continued eating and probably would have binged for a day or two before going back to my “normal mode” –eating too much every day.

So what is new?

1- I realized my slip was not that terrible and moved on.

2- Today I was not hungry when I got up, so I skept breakfast and went out for lunch: vegetables and calamari with lemon juice.

3- Dinner time, and not hungry yet. Did not eat anything during the afternoon, which is (or used to be) my binge-prone time of the day.

4- Back on track, a bit bloated, but letting go of yesterday and welcoming tomorrow.

I have learned about me that I am still a perfectionist but I am “perfecter” than last year, because now I can live with my less perfect actions and refrain from throwing things overboard just because “the day was ruined anyway”. Doesn’t that make me the “perfectest” me yet? Forgot to say that I am also the humblest dieter here… haha!

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By susana
On January 28, 2012
At 3:59 pm
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periwinkle Says:

Look at you figuring it out perfectly fine all on your own! 😉

One cupcake didn’t make ya and one alone won’t break ya!

Makes perfect sense top me. 🙂


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