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A trip and a good challenge

I am back from my trip and guess what? In two days I only went off plan once, and for a croissant. That was it. I ate it because I would still be eating less that 1200 calories that day, and I felt a lot in control. I could have also eaten toast, and cake, and cookies –all there at the hotel, at my hand’s reach– but for breakfast I chose fruit salad, skim yoghurt, and that croissant. I am quite proud of the fact that I could eat carbs and go on being in control the rest of the day. Challenge met! And today it’s my third week without bingeing!

My only problem these days is still my pottywise lazy tummy, but I will dine vegetables to see if it wakes up.

Now for a new week! Wish you all good luck with the plan you have chosen, and a wonderful week as to exercise, family and frieds! Make the most of it!

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By susana
On January 22, 2012
At 3:47 pm
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janeemosher Says:

i’m so jealous! i’ve had a tough week or so.. just cant’ seem to GET it back in control… today will be a new start AGAIN. at least i’m still going forward? LOL… wishing you a great week and a Happy Chinese New Year!

susana Says:

Thanks, Janee! I am really happy about how things are turning out in terms of control. I attribute it to the no-sugar approach and to the fact that I’m on holiday and not so stressed out. Great week to you too!


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