Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Cannot freaking believe it

When I read about those of you who have been dieting for more than a year and have lost so much weight, I deeply admire you. To me what you have done is unbelievable, unattainable.

I had not been able to control my eating in this way since what? Ten, twelve years ago? Having been on plan for two weeks sounds like heaven. I had lunch at a restaurant today and I ordered steak and a tomato salad, no dessert. Last year I would have ordered ravioli and icecream… In the evening I will go to the cinema, and I have already announced I don’t want any popcorn. In the past I bought some because I thought people insisted on my eating, but no, they don’t! When I said I am not going to buy pop corn they just went “OK, I will.” No preassure to eat pasta, no preassure to eat pop corn… It is easier than I thought!

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By susana
On January 14, 2012
At 2:26 pm
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janeemosher Says:

it’s a new life for sure! you are braver than i – i want to eat the popcorn when i’m at the theatre. but if i do, i call it a meal and then move forward. there will be times over a year that you will eat the wrong choices, but so what? it’s just a meal or a snack and you can get right back to business that day or the next. just keep moving, making good choices and drinking LOTS of water 🙂 good luck!


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