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Seven buns (I had to share this)

I don’t know whether to tag this as Achievement or as Discoveries, because it’s both!

As I was getting ready to grill by dinner steak, I caught a glimpse of the bag of buns I had bought for my son a couple of days ago.  I had bought ten, as usual, and there were seven in the bag. So I asked him if there was anything wrong with them, because when I buy them they don’t see the following day… And he said there was nothing wrong: he had eaten his usual three buns, and he didn’t know why there were still seven in the bag.

I know: I would have eaten the other seven, which this time I did not. So, I froze the buns and now, when he wants his sandwiches, he will have to defrost them. But… Seven buns!

Today was a strange day: I ate little because I had not bought what I needed to eat well.  I started to feel my legs lighter!

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By susana
On January 8, 2012
At 5:08 pm
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sunnydayz Says:

Little achievements add up to getting you closer to your goal. Yay you!


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