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Danger, danger!

I walked on the tight rope today: first, I bought icecream for my son and as I was walking home with it I thought that perhaps I was really buying it for me. Well, so far, I have not even thought about it… Pray for me!
And the second situation was that I had pumpkin pie for dinner and found myself growing aware that I did not need a second slice but could not help having it. One slice was not enough –I did not mean to eat anything else for supper– and now I know two were fine, but I am starting to wonder if I will ever be able to tell when is the right moment to stop and if I will stop at that moment.
Having failed so many times in the past makes me over suspicious and over cautious. In the meantime, before job-related stress reappears and while things are in control, I intend to build habits and to get fit(ter).
Today I could walk for half an hour, because it was really hot (above 100°F) and I felt too tired. Let’s see if tomorrow I can do better!

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By susana
On January 4, 2012
At 6:29 pm
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