Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Doing well!

I have been running day in day out and eating only till the point I am not hungry any more. The food I ate was not all “good”, but at least I am getting back in control, which is what I need to start to lose the extra pounds. They are not many, anyway! Some years ago I would have been delighted to weigh what I do now, but after being thinner than this it is harder to see some fat on the belly. Some six months ago I just had muscle there, and skin! I was marvellous!

It seems that the key to feeling better is exercise, and by feeling better, I eat less, or at least in a more controlled manner.

Wish you all find the way to fight the problem you have decided to tackle.

I start a new week trying to keep away from candy, which I find very hard to resist. And I will continue to run on a daily basis!

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By susana
On October 5, 2014
At 4:06 am
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Less stupid

Yesterday things went quite well. I went running, which I had not done in a few weeks, and today I feel wonderful. The pleasure I get out of running is great, and so is swimming to me. I must go back to the pool too!

I ate spinach caneloni with no sauce, and cheese, maybe too much cheese. And that was all. Today I weight a little less, but when I remember that I used to be ten pounds lighter, I get mad at myself. I hope I will lose that weight again, but more importantly, I wish I could get back in control, be healthy and with less stress, and take up running and swimming as daily activities.

In the forum I wrote: Food is for the body, not for the soul. Somebody liked it there. If we could give the soul –or our emotional side, that is– that which makes it feel better, and the body that which makes it healthy, then our lives would improve. But we mix things up… and end up emotionally hungry and physically sick.

For today my plans are these: I will go running again –it is a bit cloudy and cold, but anyway– and I will eat more vegetables than yesterday. For dinner, apples! I love apples!

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By susana
On October 2, 2014
At 3:37 am
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New schedule

Here I am again tryint to figure out what makes me overeat. Of course I know I am an emotional eater, and therefore if I want to lose weight I need to de-stress, but mainly to find a “place” in me where I will be in control of my emotions.

Fortunately I have found a guy –we are five months into a wonderful relationship– I can talk to, but anyway there are things I have to do myself. So, I will make a list of all those things which make me suffer on a daily basis, and my policy will be to try to avoid them.

1) Aggressive people. I am not aggressive, therefore those who are stress me out.

2) Being late with submissions and with correction. I am a teacher and I also work as dean, so dates are a nightmare.

3) My  mother. Oh, my mother.

I think my best plan for a day would be this one:

Get up at 6, have breakfast and go running, shower and dress down to shoes. By 9 I should be ready to start to work.

Plan my teaching of the day.

Correct and study.

Have lunch, take a nap and go to work.

Go to sleep at 12 at the latest.

I will run errands once or twice a week only. I would like to swim too and go to the gym, but I fear that would be too much. I hope this schedule works.

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By susana
On October 1, 2014
At 5:46 am
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Stupid stupid 2

I lost control again.

I discovered I am in the same emotional state I was when three years ago –weighing 20 pounds more than now– I decided to break the cycle of stree/frustration/overeathing/stress/frustration.

When I understood that the situation at work as just like that one back then, I clicked and started to remember what I did then to calm down and lose 25 pounds and feel finally in control of my life.

So here I am back again.

Breathe in, breathe out. I won’t let aggressive people ruin my life.

Eat well, cool down, exercise, smile. I’ll be fine!

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By susana
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Stupid stupid

Five months ago I was 10 pounds lighter. I was also unhappy, though thin and confident. Then I started to slip, and here I am, regretting what I ate during the winter –southern hemisphere here– and trying to get back on track so as to lose at least 5 pounds for my 50th birthday. My rules are:

No binging –I can do this, did it before.

No flour.

No sugar.

No cheese.

No tomatoes –it’s a trigger for me.

No nuts and peanuts.

Run three times a week.

It is going to be hard to run, because I am out of shape. I remember getting to run 5k three times a week when I was thinner, but then I got promoted, did not have the time to keep running and started to gain weight.

I will have to go back to my stress management techniques, to having a good breakfast and no grazing. Food has to go back to where it belongs, to the table and to special hours of the day.

I am the only person who puts things in my mouth, so what I eat is entirely my responsibility.

I will start to blog again with this message:

You CAN los 20 % of your weight.

You CAN stop binging.

You CAN start to run and enjoy it.


Reporting tomorrow. Love to all!

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By susana
On September 22, 2014
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One day in

Today I tried to do as planned:

I went walking/running 7 km,

I did not eat refined carbs

I did not eat when not hungry

I feel fat and that worries me, but fortunately my life is great right now, so getting back on track should not be a problem. Stress is not an issue these days –though my job is quite demanding– and if I have been overeating I think it is due to having low levels of sugar in my blood. According to recent studies, I am bordering hypoglucemia, so I will find out how to deal with that.

In the fridge there are some chicken and beef pocket sandwiches and cake, but I have not fallen pray to either. I would so live to have some! But well, if I don’t tomorrow I will have lost some weight for sure, so I will try to keep away from the kitchen and go on drinking my tea.

Tomorrow I intend to have cereal and yogurt for breakfast, then to work till midday, then I will eat some chicken and vegetables and hit the gym. In the afternoon I will work till 9 pm and then visit my best half. It is going to be a great day! I will report to you soon.

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By susana
On May 18, 2014
At 4:20 pm
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A year later, starting over

Hi everybody! A year has passed since my last post, and this is the situation:

I lost 30 pounds in two years (2011-2012) and has been able to maintain my weight through healthy eating and exercise.

I ate very little in the past year because of emotional reasons, and now that I am quite quite happy I am eating more –I enjoy food, and as the stress is over, go for it.

I feel I am losing control and as a former binger, I know how dangerous that is.

I have gained four pounds in a month, and that is making me uneasy.

So, here I am, blogging again, with the following purpose in mind:

— I want to stop overeating and to prevent binging.

— I want to take up running again, which I have been a little lazy about.

— I want to drop those four pounds.

My actions for today are the following:

— Go running.

— No refined carbs.

— Lots of water.

Reporting to you soon! Don’t quit, you out there!

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By susana
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Too weak or too old?

So I started to train seriously to run my 4k, but on my second day (with one rest day in between) I did not even get to run 3k. And I used to run 7k with no great effort! So what is it?

It is the first time that I train and diet (1200 cals) at the same time, so maybe it’s that?

I am 48 and started to run at 47, so maybe it’s that?

I had not drunk water before I started, and my belly was a bit “distressed” from eating chick peas and a lot of fruit. My blood pressure went down a little during the run because of that… Maybe it was that too?

So discouraged!

I will up my calories a little and take two days to rest between runs, and I will have to take up the gym, which I hate, to tone my upper body. That sucks! But I want to run those 4k, because I started to run on June 4 last year, so this race would be my “running birthday”. Hope I can make it and not get in last!

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By susana
On May 12, 2013
At 10:53 pm
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Training to race!

Yesterday I enrolled for my first race, a 4k race that will take place at the end of the month. I leaped to the opportunity because now I can easily get to 4k, so at least I know that I will get to the end, though I may get in last. One of the “effects” of this enrollment is that my eating has become suddenly “cleaner” and my habits have improved suddenly. No junk food at all, better sleeping hours, consciencious training… Wish me luck in the race, but especially in the training, which is proving to be a new experience for me!

May is proving to be a memorable month: I started to go out to the cinema and to concerts on my own, and now I am training… I feel so much better!

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By susana
On May 10, 2013
At 9:57 am
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Vegetable pie… but too much!

I had some crackers for breakfast, and for lunch 3 slices of vegetable pie. They were one too many, as my stomach seems to shout in its bloating. I am a bit stressed because this is going to be a hard work week, so that may have been the reason for the extra slice. Bad.

But on the flip side, yesterday I went to see a Portuguese movie I liked a lot, and I went on my own. I had some extra time to window shop for furniture and knick knacks, so I really enjoyed myself. As I was standing at a shop window I overheard a couple discussing furniture. She was preassuring him to buy something to start organizing their home, and the poor guy was trying to postpone things… It is good to be alone, if dating means that…

That’s all for now!

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By susana
On May 6, 2013
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