About the Happy Hag

May 14th, 2008

Impending Haghood looms with birthday #50 around the corner.  In my mind’s eye (a lovely place), I see myself as a perpetual 30-something. When the real peepers catch an unexpected view of me I always wonder, “who the heck is that?”

 I’m a happy hag, though.  

 I’ve got a great husband who still makes my heart go pit-a-pat, and a 12 year old son that I’m deeply proud of, if often annoyed at for all the laundry and messes he generates. He’s a funny guy though, and that goes a long way towards balancing all the freakin’ dirty socks he generates. 2 cats & a dog, and now I have a blog.   

Live in the country. I have to garden but love to read, so the weeds usually claim victory about the time mid July rolls around.   

Let’s see if I can keep this blog long enough to lose that 20 pounds. 

3 Responses to “About the Happy Hag”

  1. patty Says:

    Hey, Happy, Sistah Pat here! Good to meet you! I’m 57 and I seem to have been looking in the same mirror. Can that be me???? I sure don’t feel 57 (or maybe I do…is that why I feel like crap all the time?) I’m doing the same thing…exercising and blogging. It seems to be working pretty well. Funny…that’s not one the doctors tell you about. Cut down on fats, cut down on calories, cut down on sodium, cut down on cholesterol, get more exercise, and blog? Seems like they haven’t figured that one out yet!

  2. susan Says:

    Hiya Pat!
    Took me a while to realize there were comments–my brain is like one of those new light bulbs that take a while to start burning correctly. Thank you for your greeting & I look forward to bloggin’ with you!

  3. thisisit Says:

    Hi Happy Hag,
    I’m a new 3FC blogger and your name caught my attention. A guy I graduated with waaaaay back in 1977 has called me and my best friend “Hags” forever…affectionately of course 🙂 I also love to read and will be 50 in May. I will be following your posts.

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