Gnat-turally Thin

September 22nd, 2011

I figured out a new way to battle flab ~ gnats!

Yes, gnats, my friend, can finally make your arms toned and beauticious.

Our son is on the varsity golf team (co-captain, may I brag?) and I volunteered to take photos of the team’s matches.

As I started trailing the team up and down hills & vales, I realized I probably could have skipped the hour on the tready this morning. I also realized that the shirt I was wearing was the exact color of our opponents teams shirts, plus, I should have worn shorts, not jeans, since it was so muggy & hot. A part of my brain also registered the fact that I was the only female for miles around. Men ~ old, young and and every age in between, abounded. Single ladies, this is a hint.

A sheen of sweat started its sheening on my forehead as I clicked away at the boys. Then the gnats discovered me. Gnats, great clouds of ’em, were intent on landing anywhere they could on my head. No head orifices were safe. One gnat managed to get through my windmilling arms to my eye, which stung & watered profusely, trashing any make-up that had survived the sweat. Five gnats flew into my left ear and only three came out of my right ear. Gnats set up a carnival in my hair, gnats explored any exposed skin they could find, despite my flailing arms and flapping hands. HOW did the boys stand it? Duh. Bug spray. I must not forget bug spray for the next golf match.

My arms got one heck of a workout though 🙂

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