Noah, I’m not fond of rain

September 7th, 2011

Well, I’m usually fond of it but I’m ready for some sunshine now.

Today was DS’s First Day of School. Tenth Grade, Holy Smokes.

It’s usually a photo op kinda morning, with Mom and Son standing with arms around each other’s shoulders, Mom gazing up into Son’s smiling face, all full of Future and Dreams. The garden is in the background, full of happy thriving flowers, the dog at our feet.

This morning, DS got up late and cranky, Mom never changed into photo-worthy clothes and stayed in her jammies, it was pouring rain, garden was a disaster from the crazy weather, and dog, well, dog wasn’t coming out of the house, no way, no how. We skipped the First Day of School photo. Actually, I didn’t think of it until DS & DH were pulling out of the drive.

Today marks one week that I have “quit” smoking. I’ve actually caved almost daily and had 7 cigs in that time. The cravings aren’t too bad, as long as I stay busy. I’m a great believer in pharmaceutical wonders (except for weight loss!) and have been taking Chantix, which certainly helps the process. Now, if I could get my DH to quit, there would be no ciggies around for me to pilfer. Classic example of transference there, my friends.

I have a hard time keeping all the balls in the air at the same time! Dieting, Exercising & Quitting Smoking are the three main balls. (I can think of more if you want.) Sometimes, I’ll get all three going nicely, but it usually doesn’t last too long. For too long all three balls had rolled under the couch and were collecting a nice film of dust on them. I’ve got one in the air & it’s time to fish out another one. Probably Exercising. Or Wine Drinking. Oops, that’s not one ~ sorry!

P.S. For some reason, when I actually update this lil’ blog, it doesn’t appear on the 3 Fat Chicks Updated Blogs list. Harumph! Maybe they’ve given up on me!

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