You know you’re fat when…

August 23rd, 2011

… you walk into your kitchen and the earth shakes. I was making all kinds of new resolves to LOSE IT ONCE AND FOR FREAKIN’ ALL when I realized it was a genuine earth quake ~ a rare thing indeed for S.E. Pennsylvania. Very unsettling! Dog & I ran out the door and cats ran to the basement.

Not doing well on the weight loss front. One day goes good and the next day I shoot it to hell with bad eating and lots of it. I worked so hard at the gym last week that my feet have been sore for the past 3 days ~ Waitress Sore, they are. I tell myself that I can go and just do weights & machines. Tomorrow I’ll put that plan in action.

I saw a old friend at the grocery store today and she looks fabulous! She is trim and wearing bright colors. she says she owes it all to back-to-back sinus infections and a bout of Lymes Disease. I’m gonna go find myself a freakin’ tick…

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  1. munchberry Says:

    Ooooh.. Sometimes you are so damn funny woman!

    You don’t want a tick. It will make you dress in bright colors. I loathe those people. The scarf people. Unless you live in Florida. And have been bitten by a tick.

    Epsom salt. I used to stick my feet in a dishtub of warm epsom salt when my waitron dogs barked.

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