Woman Plans, God Laughs

August 15th, 2011


Our Pennsylvania-based 15yr.old son and a friend of his were both invited to spend a week at another friends house in Florida. The plan; I drop off son at the other boys house at 5:15 this morning and his Dad would drive the boys to the airport. Last night I set two alarms for 4:30am, then tossed fitfully until they went off. Roused son, loaded car with his stuff. One last “Mom Check”: photo ID, boarding pass, carry-on bag, money, etc… check! check! and check!

Get to the other boy’s house and there is chaos as they have problems printing out their son’s boarding pass. “Just put the bags there”. Get hugs & kisses from my son, & go back home & crawl into bed.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

“be-de-DING!” goes my phone’s text message alert. Son made it to the airport but his carry-on bag is in the driveway back at his friends house :O

All is well, though. Turns out there is yet another boy who was invited who is leaving on a later flight, and he will check my son’s bag for him. So between making phone calls and running that damn bag hither and yon, my Date with Gym was broken. I’ll try to go a little later today, but the steam is running low on my engine right now!

Now as for MY bags, there is no easy fix 🙂

Later… got in my hour of cardio and some free weight action.

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  1. munchberry Says:

    Heading to the Keys? It is lobbie season. He can bring home something for mama.

    Cardio (aka bag handling fee) will ditch those bags – hopefully they will end up in “Lost Luggage and some other dupe will fall in love with them!

  2. patty Says:

    I remember when we all planned a trip to Hawaii a few years ago. There were ten of us. Both sons and their wives and kids. For months, it was “make sure you have the kids birth certificates”. I even called them the night before and said, “Put them in your carry-on right now.”

    The morning of the flight, I called and said “We’ll meet you at the airport, do you have all the kid’s birth certificates?”

    At the airport check-in, they discovered they had forgotten the kids birth certificates. Back then, you didn’t have to check in two hours early and the plane was leaving in 30 minutes. DS, DIL, Jake and Scout missed the plane.

    They couldn’t get another flight until the next day and were supposed to call and let us know when to pick them up at the airport in Honolulu. Then, would you believe it? They never called. They forgot to pack the itinerary I gave them and couldn’t remember which hotel we were staying at. Cell phone service didn’t work in Honolulu back then and we couldn’t get a signal so my phone wasn’t working. They arrived in Honolulu and spent the first night in another hotel while they kept calling my house-sitter to see if we’d called home looking for them.

    Finally, I called home to ask my house sitter if they’d had to take a different flight or what? She said they were supposed to call every hour and would be calling her back in 30 minutes. We played phone tag for a couple of hours until they could contact the house sitter, she could give them the hotel number, and they could contact us.

    Needless to say, last time we took them to Hawaii….

  3. susan Says:

    Patty, you have The Best stories!

    Miz. M, he brought me home a suitcase full of dirty laundry ~ alas! I’m still working on my own bag handling 🙂

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