When did you stop skipping?

August 14th, 2011

The other day in my car, I passed a father & young son coming out of a store. The kid was doing a skip-leap-run combo while Dad walked sedately behind. It was a three second image but has stayed with me for days. I wondered; when did I stop skipping? I think it was when the “cool factor” kicked in, (along with breasts, boys & blemishes) at about thirteen or so.

It gets harder to skip when you are lugging a seven pound purse on one shoulder and carrying grocery bags or a baby in the other arm. It’s hard to skip when you are concerned about messing your hair up or breaking a sweat. In my case it’s downright risky to skip because I could possibly pee my pants a little, plus, I’d need to wear a sports bra for serious skipping.

Then I imagined a world where adults skipped and showed genuine glee over simple things and had to smile at the mental image… politicians skipping up the White House steps, CEO’s racing each other to the elevator, waitresses skipping back to the kitchen with your order. Adults trying not to step on a crack as they walk down the sidewalk. Kinda like that movie, “Big”.

I’ve got three hulking teenage boys sleeping in the living room, draped over couches and chairs ~ reminds me of that comic strip, “Zits“, of which my life seems to be running parallel to. I’d post a picture of them, but that would be a little creepy, I guess. Soon I’ll be making breakfast for them, which I enjoy. If I’m not allowed to eat with gusto and abandon, at least I can live vicariously by watching three boys do some serious scarfing.

I have a date with E. Liptical Monday 🙂 My friend & I made a date for 8 at the gym. I’ve found that making dates helps get me to the gym. Instead of the dilly-dallying puttering around that I am usually guilty of in the morning, I have a date to meet someone. Put DOWN that coffee cup, hands OFF that mouse, put on yer damn socks, fill water bottle and just GO, for heavens sake!

Have a good rest of the weekend & I’ll see YOU at the gym Monday 🙂

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  1. patty Says:

    And jumping rope…remember how we could jump rope for HOURS and not get tired?

    Guess you’re at the gym right now hanging out with Mr. E.Liptical. I should be at school but I’m here at home drinking coffee and chewing soda straws while half of Louisville is without electricity and the first day of school has been cancelled.

    Still…that means I can still go to school and set up my classroom.

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