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August 10th, 2011

I have a hard time rationing my time, when I find a good book. I’m really in trouble now, because I found a whole freakin’ series of BIG FAT BOOKS that I’m enjoying. (It’s the one type of fat that I love ~ other than ice cream, that is.) The series is called “Game of Thrones“. It’s like an earthy “Lord of the Rings”, and has five (5!) tomes of papery delight to pull me away from things I should be doing. I don’t usually go for fantasy fiction ~ I’m more of a Diane Gabaldon/Outlander Series -type person. This is the one type of food I can and do gorge myself on ~ the printed page. I’m toying with the idea of a Kindle, but books have been my constant friends for so many years, I would feel like I was betraying them by going over to the Other Side. Like many things though, once I try it, I’ll probably love it.

Been putting in my time at the gym. One hour of cardio and 15-20 minutes of weights for three straight days in a row. The impulse to get to the gym grows stronger with every day that I actually make it there. I sleep better and feel more limber & bendy. WHY do I ever let it slide? Food intake still sucks though. That’s me ~ always have to have the party in my mouth.

I mowed the lawn today ~ the first I’ve had to mow in over a month because of how hot and dry it’s been here. I rejoiced to see the Fall weeds sprouting, and a few fallen leaves too. Can Fall be too far off? Fall. My favorite season; chilly, crisp & clear. Full moons of September, October & November. The foxhounds kenneled across the fields baying. Blue jeans, cowboy boots and my favorite leather jacket. Red wine, apple pies, football, pumpkins, mums & spooks… does it get any better?

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  1. waistingtime Says:

    My son read that series and recommended it to my husband after the TV shows. Not my cup of tea, though. My mom buys hardcovers and passes them on to me. When she gets a Kindle, I’ll have to as well. My son, yep, the same one, bought a Kindle with his first real paycheck:) He still buys books too. I love that he is a voracious reader.

  2. patty Says:

    I got in the pool today and almost jumped back out. Temp is down to 69 degrees and the beautiful fall day didn’t feel so good.

    Hung in there and did my laps but I guess it’s time to hook up the chiminea heater.

  3. Joy Says:

    I LOVE to read. That series sounds good.
    I have not been able to post because of spammer that took over my site. It has been a nightmare. I am now going to post at

    I still keep coming back here to read your posts and will continue to do so. However this is the 2nd time this has happened to me here so I have moved my diet blog. Hope you will stop by.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. susan Says:

    Hi Joy! I went on your lovely new site and tried to leave a message but was having problems doing so. This is what I said:

    I love your blog ~ it’s beautiful! I’ve always enjoyed your images that you post. You are such a romantic 🙂

    Great news from the scale and “Yay” on your praises!

  5. munchberry Says:

    I wish great feelings of well being sent me to the gym. Funny, they send me right to giant fudge pies. BLAST!

    How goes the resto and bread bakin’?

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