September 23rd, 2011

Yep, 3 Fat Chicks have hoasted me here for over three years, but I fear my welcome is worn out. I’m out of picture space, so I can’t show you pictures of my extremely exciting life, plus, my updated posts never appear in the “updated blog” list.

Harumph. I know when I’m no longer welcome.

I cranked up a new blog at and hope my few blog friends that still check in now & then will pop over.

See you there!

Gnat-turally Thin

September 22nd, 2011

I figured out a new way to battle flab ~ gnats!

Yes, gnats, my friend, can finally make your arms toned and beauticious.

Our son is on the varsity golf team (co-captain, may I brag?) and I volunteered to take photos of the team’s matches.

As I started trailing the team up and down hills & vales, I realized I probably could have skipped the hour on the tready this morning. I also realized that the shirt I was wearing was the exact color of our opponents teams shirts, plus, I should have worn shorts, not jeans, since it was so muggy & hot. A part of my brain also registered the fact that I was the only female for miles around. Men ~ old, young and and every age in between, abounded. Single ladies, this is a hint.

A sheen of sweat started its sheening on my forehead as I clicked away at the boys. Then the gnats discovered me. Gnats, great clouds of ’em, were intent on landing anywhere they could on my head. No head orifices were safe. One gnat managed to get through my windmilling arms to my eye, which stung & watered profusely, trashing any make-up that had survived the sweat. Five gnats flew into my left ear and only three came out of my right ear. Gnats set up a carnival in my hair, gnats explored any exposed skin they could find, despite my flailing arms and flapping hands. HOW did the boys stand it? Duh. Bug spray. I must not forget bug spray for the next golf match.

My arms got one heck of a workout though 🙂

Awesome Fallsome

September 17th, 2011

Love the cooler weather we’ve been having! In the spirit of the season, I took myself to TJ Maxx and bought a wool sweater & a pair of jeans (size 12). Love that store. Even if I’m not feeling the “Clothes Karma” and nothing seems to fit, I still usually stumble on something in the kitchen or household section to satisfy the shopping bug.

Slowly starting back at the gym again. I can never pinpoint when I stop going, I just suddenly realize, HEY! I haven’t been exercising! I have been doing some heavy housework though, as our teenager’s “cave” in the basement took on some water with all the freakin’ rain we’ve had. This involved carting out several sodden rugs, shampooing & vacuuming (now that’s an odd word) the remaining indoor/outdoor carpet, striping & laundering slipcovers, etc… I get annoyed at son when I see what a SLOB he is. It’s a good thing he’s at school when I’m laboring away down there. I’m convinced I’m ruining him for his future wife, as I have lost the “Seat Down” battle years ago. My husband’s mother never enforced it, therefore, son’s dear old Dad doesn’t put the seat down. An omission for which she will still occasionally apologize to me for 🙂 See how these habits are perpetuated through the generations? If I had any backbone, I would have eradicated this annoying genetic trait from our line once & for all.

I’m loosely following South Beach way of eating. Something I heard on the news this morning which I found very interesting: an apple a day may keep stroke at bay . It’s about a Dutch study which found that apples & pears contain anti-inflamation qualities that keep your heart healthy. Now how did old Ben Franklin know that already? (Note to self: Buy apples & look up good reports on peanut butter.)

Week Three of Chantrix, and day 5 of not cheating. I still get very strong urges, but they pass quickly ~ especially if I’m at TJ Maxx, heh-heh. I do miss the ciggies & coffee out in the sunroom with my hubs in the morning. We have to figure out a new way of making talking time. Of course, I would prefer he quit too.

We are getting of a “certain age”, DH & I, so we went to a humongous RV show in Harrisburg PA this past Thursday. We picture ourselves, in our declining years, following where the wind blows ~ somewhere Out West. Camping by streams where DH will fly fish and I will pan for gold & look for fossils. We are RV Virgins, but we know we don’t want anything over 27-30 feet. There were lots to look at that fit the bill. I really liked a brand called “Born Free” (Oh how I loath all those corny names), specifically a 27′ model, which ruined it for looking at the other dealerships because it was so nice. Yes, for around $150,000 we could be mobile in that baby. YIKES! We had no idea! We are limited in choices by the length of the sleeping areas because DH is 6″1. Looking at him trying out some of the various sleeping layouts reminded me of Dracula in his coffin. DH would lie down with his hands crossed over his chest, not a spare inch above or below and say, “I think I could sleep in this.” Har! Not! What? Only shrimps RV? What a bunch of friendly people there, though. I would like to get that sign: If the trailer’s rockin’, don’t come knockin'”, mainly for the toe-curl reaction of our teen son.

Noah, I’m not fond of rain

September 7th, 2011

Well, I’m usually fond of it but I’m ready for some sunshine now.

Today was DS’s First Day of School. Tenth Grade, Holy Smokes.

It’s usually a photo op kinda morning, with Mom and Son standing with arms around each other’s shoulders, Mom gazing up into Son’s smiling face, all full of Future and Dreams. The garden is in the background, full of happy thriving flowers, the dog at our feet.

This morning, DS got up late and cranky, Mom never changed into photo-worthy clothes and stayed in her jammies, it was pouring rain, garden was a disaster from the crazy weather, and dog, well, dog wasn’t coming out of the house, no way, no how. We skipped the First Day of School photo. Actually, I didn’t think of it until DS & DH were pulling out of the drive.

Today marks one week that I have “quit” smoking. I’ve actually caved almost daily and had 7 cigs in that time. The cravings aren’t too bad, as long as I stay busy. I’m a great believer in pharmaceutical wonders (except for weight loss!) and have been taking Chantix, which certainly helps the process. Now, if I could get my DH to quit, there would be no ciggies around for me to pilfer. Classic example of transference there, my friends.

I have a hard time keeping all the balls in the air at the same time! Dieting, Exercising & Quitting Smoking are the three main balls. (I can think of more if you want.) Sometimes, I’ll get all three going nicely, but it usually doesn’t last too long. For too long all three balls had rolled under the couch and were collecting a nice film of dust on them. I’ve got one in the air & it’s time to fish out another one. Probably Exercising. Or Wine Drinking. Oops, that’s not one ~ sorry!

P.S. For some reason, when I actually update this lil’ blog, it doesn’t appear on the 3 Fat Chicks Updated Blogs list. Harumph! Maybe they’ve given up on me!