I have moved…

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You can now find me at:  http://365sunnydaze.blogspot.com/

My 3FC ladies – I guess you figured out by now that there’s something wrong with WordPress for over a week now.  If you move to another site, please let me know where you go.  I can’t comment on your blog now and it’s driving me crazy!  🙁

WTH is wrong with WordPress?

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Yesterday I was looking around on the net to see what is wrong with WordPress and I found a couple of articles saying that WordPress has suffered a brute force attack by hackers and that the security system has caught it and that is why commenting is temporarily disabled until they get it fixed.  I hope it’s soon.

This morning I weighed in at 237.8. Yay!  I think I’m safely in the 30s now without fear of creeping back over the line. I feel like I’m in the zone and feeling slimmer.  The hell of it is that I’ve lost 20 pounds and people can’t really tell yet.  That’s a slap in the face of how fat I was/am.  I can tell a difference and that’s all that matters for right now.


Good news, bad news.

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Good news:  I had a great long weekend and officially hit 20 pounds lost over the weekend.  😀

Bad news:  Something is wrong with this crappy 3FC site and I’m unable to receive comments (for like 4 days now) or to comment on other 3FC sites.  I’ve checked my settings and all is well so idk how to remedy it.  Damn.  If you other 3FC bloggers figure it out, will you please post it on your site so I can get back to normal again. 

Long Weekend :)

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I’m so glad that today is Friday.  I get off work at noon today and I’m taking a vacation day Monday; my DD and I are going on a shopping trip out of town.  I can’t wait!  We are going about an hour away to shop at some stores that I’m sure most of you have near you:  Home Goods (I’m so excited for this big, new store), Stein Mart, Trader Joe’s.  We’re taking a cooler so we can get some groceries at TJ’s this time.

This morning I don’t know what in the hell I weighed – all I know is that it was LOWER! I got on the scale and it said 239.8 (thank you Jesus!) Paranoid me gets back on a second time “just to be sure”…now it says 240.4.  WTH?  I do this a couple more times and it’s a different reading each time, back and forth between the two.  I decided to accept the higher number and know that I will be in the 30s for sure very soon. 

I’m felling great inside and out.  My hair is growing out a little and looks better than it has in months. I have a long weekend ahead spending time with my DD and shopping. I’m eating healthier than I ever have in my life and I’m feeling the results of it. The sun is shining.  Life is good.

Have a great weekend!

Feeling Good

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Down to 240.8.  I’m so freakin’ ready to be out of the 40s!!!

Not much to report today.  I’m glad that the scale is down a little today.  I’m noticing that alot of my clothes are either fitting alot better, or, in some cases, even getting a little baggy.  Yay!  That’s a great feeling.

Clothes are fitting better.

Shoes are fitting better/feet and ankles no longer swell. (I think it’s from no more processed foods.)

Feeling great mentally and physically.

I have another week to finish up the squat challenge and then I’m going to get back to my cardio exercise.

That’s it.  Short and sweet today.  Make it a great day.

Oh yeah, NSV yesterday:  A co-worker brought me a piece of chocolate bundt cake with cream cheese filling that looked and smelled fabulous.  I didn’t even feel tempted and promptly gave it away.  It feels great to be in control.  😀

Do you get it?

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Up .4 today for no apparent reason.  WTH?  I’ve been stuck for nearly a week now.  I have been pristine with eating; exercise could have been a little better last night, I only did the 190 squats. I can’t bring myself to do cardio after those squats.  Still…I was hoping for a loss this morning…

On to the title of this post.  Some people just don’t get it when it comes to weight loss.  I’m talking about people don’t realize what a commitment it is to lose weight; they don’t realize how fattening/unhealthy the food is that they are eating; they don’t realize that it is a lifestyle change and not something that you do for a little while and then resort back to your former ways and expect to keep the weight off…

Here is a fine example (Rant Warning):  Remember a while back I got stuck walking with a friend of mine that wanted to try to lose weight?  Well, as you may have heard me say, I like to exercise alone and wasn’t that thrilled about it but I wanted to try to help my friend get on the right path to lose weight and be healthy. It lasted for about 2 months and I finally managed to release myself from walking with her.  A little time goes by and she says that she is still walking on her own but not losing weight.  She was surprised about that and said that she thought that when she started walking that the weight would just melt off. She never really tried to watch what she eats, only cutting back her portions of unhealthy foods.  This same friend continues to go out to buffet restaurants. Get a clue! People don’t even realize how many calories that it takes a day just for our bodies to operate and then to eat 3 times what we actually need and still expect to lose weight?  Then they’ll say, well, I only ate 2 pieces of pizza instead of my usual 4 – not realizing that the 2 pieces of pizza totaled their calorie limit for the day just to maintain.  People need to get a clue.  If you are totally committed to lose weight, do the research.  Find out what exactly you’re eating and compare it to what you actually need.  They continue with their old eating habits and don’t see results and then get discouraged, quit and complain that they can’t do it because they have no willpower. Yesterday that same friend asked me how my weight loss was coming along and I told her it was going well now that I took control of my eating.  She said that she doesn’t have enough willpower to eat good.  Well, stay fat then and continue talking your BP pills and continue with your health problems.  Somethings gotta click within us before we can lose weight.  We have to be ready for a huge commitment. We have to get out minds right first.

So, my friend quits trying altogether, even quits walking, and when she finds out that I’m doing well she is silent, which kinda pisses me off because I’ve been her cheerleader all along.  I know she is jealous but she could be losing too if she’d commit.  It makes me want to get so slim and just show her how it’s done.

I want to congratulate us all for commiting to do the hard work each and every day.  For wanting a healthier lifestyle and for doing something about it.  We deserve a pat on the back and we will reap the rewards.

Oh yeah – I saw that Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is coming back on soon (I think next week).  Yippee!

Going Strong

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Todays weight = 241.0  I got down to 240.6 twice but it creeps back up a little.  I cannot wait to get past it!

I’ve been doing great all the way around.  I’m hanging tough with the squat challenge.  It’s getting hard but I’m going to complete it.  I feel like I never finish anything I start and I need to prove to myself that I can do it.  Tonight is 165 squats!  I noticed that my butt is lifted – so yay!

Mother’s Day was great.  My DD cooked me a healthy primal dinner and dessert:  artichoke, lemon and garlic chicken, baked sweet potato and salad.  Dessert was mixed berry cobbler.  She is a really good cook for being only 21. After that we went walking in a really nice, big park for about an hour and then sat in the park and talked for a while.  It was great spending the whole day with her.  She bought me a gorgeous potted arrangement for my porch, a really cute pair of sandals and a gift certificate for a pedicure. 

This weight is getting on my nerves fluctuating between .6 but I know it has to give sooner or later.  I’m just anxious to bust through to a new decade.


Yay for Friday!

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What a beautiful, sunny and warm morning it is here today.  Love it!  The best thing is that i get off at noon!  YIPPEE!!

I LOST EXACTLY 3 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I weighed in at 241.6 this morning.  I’m stoked!  This primal eating rocks the whole way around!!!

Last evening I cut some dead bushes out of my flowerbed and got rid of all the landscape stones so this weekend will be mulching.  I can’t wait until it is fresh.

Have a great weekend!  😀


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I’m down another full pound this morning (242.2)  YIPPEE!!!  Tonight is rest night from squats, thank goodness.  I’m also officially halfway through the squat challenge.

Not much going on. This is like the 5th day in a row that we’ve had rain and it’s not supposed to let up for a couple of more days.  Ugh! I’m still trying to adjust to my new summer work hours of coming in earlier and taking only a 30 minute lunch.  It sure will be nice to get off at noon on Fridays though.

I’m still feeling great and still eating primal.  Just plugging along waiting for the scale to go down.

Over the hump

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Thank goodness we’re halfway through the week.  We’ve been having really bad thunderstorms for the past several days and I’m ready for some sunshine. 

Yesterday my weight was up a full pound, today it’s down a full pound. Weird.  I cannot wait until I get out of the 240s.  3.3 pounds to go.  COME ON!

Last evening I did 135 squats according to my squat challenge chart. I had planned to do some other exercise in addition to them but after dinner I got a headache and became nauseous and ended up falling asleep on the couch.  Tonight I plan to get in some good exercise for sure.

Not much else to report…just plugging along…