It’s been a while…

Well, it has been a while. Almost 2 years to be exact. I am still on my quest to lose weight. I have slipped up numerous times, gained weight, dealt with hear ache, etc. The good news is: I’m still standing. I am finally getting to a place where I can be successful with losing […]


Sometimes people can unconsciously sabotage your efforts. I noticed it with my husband. After giving him the long I-want-to-lose-weight-and-if-I-don’t-I’m-going-to-have-surgery speech, I noticed that his efforts to move and eat with me have not changed. I don’t think its a vindictive thing, but I do believe that sometimes your loved ones are scared of who you […]

Food for thought.

Yesterday, I was on a role. I managed to eat a balanced meal for breakfast. For lunch, I almost went off the deep end and brought myself back from the edge. I was doing well despite eating three extra pretzels for a snack. All of a sudden the evening came. I figured, I will have […]

Monday: November 25, 2013

Here’s what I ate yesterday: Breakfast: 1 slice of wheat toast; 2 scrambled eggs; 1 plum tomato sliced with salt and pepper; and a fruit smoothie Snack: Left food home Lunch: salad with Tuna, 4 ham cubes, olives, ranch dressing; 3 handmade pretzels Snack: 2 handmade pretzels (Thank you deli downstairs) and 2 1/2 sheets […]

It’s been a while!

I fell off the wagon, but am now back on and motivated more than ever. I woke up and decided I had to get my life in order. My plan of action is to not starve myself, and eat what I love, IN MODERATION. I will not deprive myself because that is setting myself up […]

To Eat or Not to Eat!!!

I have been asking myself this question over and over: “Should I eat my weekly points?”   I’m not sure if I should because some say do and some say don’t. I guess this is where trial and error comes in. I am soooo fed up of looking for answers and not coming up with any. […]


As promised, here is my first grocery list on my journey. As you may notice, there are a lot of Healthy Choice products. They have been a life saver. I just grab one and pop them in my lunch box. I also take plenty of snacks for the day. I take a serving of dried fruit, […]

Get going!

This first step was more personal than anything. Instead of throwing myself completely into the fire, I danced around it a bit. The first thing that I did was challenge myself to drink nothing but water for an entire week! I had a couple of swigs (literally) of iced tea, but other than that I managed […]

85% Mental Broken Down

Letting go is the first step to meeting your goals!

Weightloss Chart

Week Weightloss Goal Actual Weight lost Comments 1 I weigh 264.6 lbs as of 11/25/2013 Next weigh-in, 12/02/2013. 2 2 lbs 3 2 lbs 4 2 lbs 5 2 lbs 6 2 lbs 7 2 lbs 8 2 lbs 9 2 lbs 10 2 lbs 11 2 lbs 12 2 lbs 13 2 lbs 14 […]