85% Mental Broken Down

Most of the time you hear that losing weight is 85% mental. Well, to some extent it is true, depending on your definition of mental. Over the years, I heard “85% mental” over and over, but never really grasped the meaning. Not only does it mean having a made up mind; it means cleaning the “brain clutter.” Brain clutter can include unresolved issues, stress, emotional well-being, etc.


With that said, I began by writing down all of my stresses, triggers, and anything else that might have prevented me from losing weight. I learned that I am a helper. I want to help with everything and everyone. However, that little “helper bee” was slowly killing me. I asked myself last week, “how can I help everyone else, but not myself?” I give so much of myself to others that there is nothing left for me. So the start of this journey is to learn to help myself. I will not take on anyone else’s stresses. STRESS KILLS!


When stressed, the body stores fat, mainly in the stomach area. This is due to cortisol. Here’s a link to a website that tells you all about cortisol: http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=53304 I’m not going to get all righteous with medical terms, but I wanted to show the role that stress plays on your efforts at losing weight.


I am on a journey to lose this weigh once and for all, and am deciding to blog my journey to: 1) Hold me accountable and 2) Educate others through this process.


I hope that my journey will inspire individuals to not only lose weight, but meet other goals, as well. Check out my getting fit financially blogs under the “getting fit financially” category to the right.


I am excited and look forward to what this path has in store; enjoy!

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