Welcome to my space. I am on a quest to lose weight, and decided to blog about my journey. I am learning to love me and want to help and maybe inspire others. I am currently 100 lbs over weight. Most of the people that I have come across seem to blog after the weight-loss process. I want to show my struggles in real-time.


Who am I? I am a 31 year old that has tried to lose weight for years to no avail. This year is going to be different. What makes this time different is that I am arming myself with the tools to become mentally fit so I can become physically fit. 


I have battled with weightloss over the past 13 years. Like so many others, I have tried all types of diets and failed over and over again. I have made a promise to myself to be a better person so I can do all of the things that I dream of and more. Because of my failed weightloss attempts, I have had many set backs, failures, and heartaches. I have had my own personal pity parties, which led me to self-destructing behaviors. As of today, I have cried my last cry and am no longer looking at myself as a failure. I am now looking at myself as a person that is on her way.


Because we live in a “right now” world, we expect right now results. This type of thinking has caused me to relapse time and time again. I now realize that it will be a fight to lose this weight. So, I decided to write a blog about it and document this journey of a 100lb weightloss.


Buckle up for this roller coaster ride. I am sure there will be ups and downs and I look forward to sharing everyone of these accomplishments and trials. I welcome you to ask questions, cry with me, and best of all laugh with me as I/we transition into this new phase.


Thank you in advance to everyone that will read it whether by accident or on purpose. To those that are trying to find a way to achieve your goals, I hope that we find the way together. Also, to those that are browsing through the blogs looking for hope, look here; because WE can do this!

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