i made it 3 days

without a binge. that’s it. but that’s ok. no dwelling. no hating. no guilt. it is what it is. but…….. i tried to really grasp what i was feeling. what was happening. 

basically it started bc i wanted pizza. like really wanted pizza. but i refused to buy it. so i was eating all these other things. like some pasta, bread with pb and nutella. some cookies and some pretzels. none of which resembled pizza. so im not sure why i binged. if i let myself eat the pizza would i have just been satisfied and not have felt the need to overeat and binge since i ate what i really wanted anyway. is that why i kept eating, b/c everything that i ate was nothing that i really wanted. it is an idea. instead of settling for something that i dont really want, maybe i should just enjoy in moderation what i do want. 


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