b-2 ww toasts w pb and nutella s- banana l- ww pita w vegs, can of tuna, lf swiss s- apple s-raw brocc, lf swiss d-salad, chick peas, vegs, lite greek dressing, 3 scoops froz yogurt

you are what you eat

so its been just about a week now binge free. i’ve definitely eaten things that were not on the healthiest of sides, but… the big but, i didnt binge until i was sick at all. which is in itself an amazing feat. im sure just doing that i’ve been lower in calories by avoiding binges.  […]

i made it 3 days

without a binge. that’s it. but that’s ok. no dwelling. no hating. no guilt. it is what it is. but…….. i tried to really grasp what i was feeling. what was happening.  basically it started bc i wanted pizza. like really wanted pizza. but i refused to buy it. so i was eating all these […]