I really do…

Believe in unicorns, that is.  They’re awesome – they stand for strength, loyalty, purity of heart and many many other desireable qualities.

I also believe in myself.  I CAN do this – I CAN get myself to a point where I’m no longer considered “overweight” and I’m not at risk for several terrible ailments that many family members have succumbed to.  This journey was never about how I look.  I’ve never been able to tell what I look like, so it would be silly to base my weight loss goals on appearence.  This is about how I feel and how I will feel when I’m completely healthy and not in danger of heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and cancer.

So this is my journey chronicle – the thought being “if its down in print I’ll commit more to it.”  Its my attempt to stay accountable to myself and to others.  The plan is to keep to 1200ish calories a day and exercise more in a week than I don’t – whether it be running, walking, Wii Fitting or just playing around.

140 pounds will happen and it WILL happen in 2010.