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Day 2/84 May 5, 2009

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Today is day 2. I’m still kind of coasting along on yesterday’s momentum. I can feel yesterday’s weight training, especially in my shoulders, upper arms, and chest. This morning I completed my HIIT on the expresso cycle at the gym. This is a really cool machine! Fun because you can steer and pass people. Not so fun because I felt rather like puking at the end. I’m taking this as a 10 in perceived effort so this is good. Plus I didn’t actually puke so that is even better.

Working on water. Drinking my second bottle now, 2 of 4.

Food for today looks like this:

M1: One whole egg, canadian bacon on WW toast, coffee.

M2: Oatmeal, cottage cheese (not together!)

M3: Large green salad with hardboiled egg/cheese/tuna, red potato (baked)

M4: Protein shake.

M5: Whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, turkey meatballs.

M6: Greek yogurt, apple (or other fruit).

Currently working on planning tomorrow’s (lower body weights) workout and food intake. Vacation is officially over and it’s back to work tomorrow and the next day.


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