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Getting My Life On Track

Ok, a lot has happened to me since the last time I posted on here.  I’m no longer following the 17DD.  I’ve actually decided to start counting calories with MyFitnessPal app on my phone.  It’s the most handy little thing ever <3   haha!A bit about what happened, I broke up with my 8+ years boyfriend and I have a house with him I’m trying to sell.  I’m going out with someone new and he’s gone out west to work for a few months.  I want to go with him but I’m stuck at my parent’s until my house sells.  It’s a lot of stress lately.  My weight isn’t too bad.  I’m actually lighter since the last time I weighed on here.  I’m currently at 181.2.  My goal weight is 135.  I want to tone my body for Halloween since I’ll be wearing a Sailor Moon outfit (short skirt!).  Need to lose belly weight!  Also, my boyfriend is coming down for my birthday so I’d love for him to see a difference in my weight.  I’m not gonna say anything to him and see his reaction 🙂  I really need to get healthy and happy <3  Here goes!

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By sophiecormier
On September 10, 2013
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