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Day 10 of 17 Day Diet

I’m still going strong!  I find myself less and less hungry now that I’m no longer eating so much sugar & starch.  It’s an amazing feeling.  I feel great about myself too.  I still drink one coffee a day (with sugar & cream).  I don’t know if I’ll give it up.  It’s something I really enjoy in the mornings and don’t think it’s too bad to limit to one-a-day.  Weighed in this morning and I weigh: 183.6 (down 3.6lbs).  I lost 2 lbs this week on our weight loss challenge at work. (that puts me 2nd place, yay!)  I know I would’ve done better if not for my off-days on Friday & Saturday.  Oh well!  I put that behind me and going forward.  I still need to find a workout program that I enjoy doing.  I know it’ll help with the weight loss.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:
Greek Yogurt
2 clementines
2 Tims Coffees (need to try to say no to the second!)
Chicken Salad with ranch dressing
Cherry tomatoes
Chicken Breast (with Mr. Dash spice)
Steamed veggies (with butter)

Oh, and I found a new favorite yogurt… Iogo!  LOVE IT!  It’s only 35 calories per container, there’s no added sugar and there’s no aspertame.  It’s sooooo yummy too!

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