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Day 1 of 17DD

So, today I’m starting the 17 Day Diet again. I’ve been thinking a lot and it’s the only diet that’s worked for me in the past. My only struggle is the first days. I struggle to find something to eat that I love. I’ve got a menu planned out. I’m going to follow it as closely as I can. I need to stop drinking my coffee slowly (first starting with Tim Horton coffee, I didn’t have one this morning! :D) I’m drinking a regular coffee at work but I had my green tea at home. I’m hoping to stop ALL my coffee and just drink green tea. That’s one of my goals. For exercise, I’m not big on it so I’m planning on biking on my stationary bike while reading. Hopefully it won’t be too bad since I’ll also be doing something I love. I’ll do 17 minutes of that tonight. I wanted to weigh in this morning but only remembered while I was eating and I wanted to weigh in before. The last time I weighed in was last Wednesday the 9th and I weighed: 187.2 (OUCH!) I gained a LOT lately. I think stress is a large factor in the weight gain. I think once I get in the groove, it will all fix itself as I lose the weight and get my confidence back. I’ll post my daily food diary for today tomorrow.
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By sophiecormier
On January 14, 2013
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