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09 Oct, 2012

Hardwired Crazy

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I met with the counselor and he is such a gem. He basically said my kinda crazy is hard wiring and not issue related. He suggested I see a MD and get on something. My PCP gave me Wellbutrin SR 8 months ago for my crazy, but I talked myself out of taking it. I […]

26 Sep, 2012

Real Talk

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“You become what you think about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson My bestfriend was kind enough to send me that image tagged with “Danielle’s Weight Loss Diaries” She couldn’t be more right. I haven’t kept it to one room so it doesn’t look that terrible; however, I very well may have as many […]

24 Sep, 2012

Reality Check

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Long story short: I used to be crazy. I thought I’d battled all of my demons and conquered them. I thought I was fine. I thought this was all over. So,  I’m not exactly sure where to start this or how to start it, so bare with me. Can fat people have eating disorders? It […]

02 Mar, 2012

Not Giving a Shit Has Worked Wonders For Me…

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Until now. 216. Still 216. My husband says to not be hard on myself, I was sick for 3 days, my routine was off, etc. etc. I use to quit when I didn’t lose but this just infuriates me to the point of wanting it even more. I’d like to see 212 this coming Friday. […]

Oh weekend. How do you fly by so quickly? Friday night we went to Chili’s for dinner and then saw “This Means War” with the In-Laws. Dinner was ok…I suppose. I somehow accepted having a whiskey and diet and then also agreed to doing a shot of Jagger before we left for the movie. Even […]

23 Feb, 2012

Whose Idea Was This?

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Did I piss people off yesterday? You can leave nasty comments too. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy silence after an excruciating work out. It gives me time to process and take it all in. To be proud of myself, to reconnect. All of that hokey bullshit. I had just completed […]

Disclaimer: I am going to piss some people off. My bad. …and I also don’t do the whole lent thing. (I was born and raised Catholic for 18 years. And the day I turned 18 my mom stopped going to mass and proclaimed it was all a sham so I could have the opportunity to […]

21 Feb, 2012

Why you got so much fattitude?

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I’ve always talked about writing a fatty girl blog and I’ve never done it. I guess now is as good of a time as ever. So, what is fattitude? To sum it up, me: being unapologetically fat. I’ve never taken anyone’s shit about it and I’ve always maintained a strong sense of self and a […]


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