What and Why I Record

During this weightloss adventure, I will be recording several things in order to observe any trends or indicators for FM flareups and weight gain/loss.

I record everything I eat into my “LoseIt” app on my IPod as well as any exercise I do that day. This helps me to see EXACTLY what I am eating and all the nutrient values too.

Doing this also forces me to be HONEST with myself.

Weather: because this can contribute to swelling and some physical aching

Mood: depending on the mood, it can affect what, when, and how much a person eats

Sleep: this too can contribute to how much a person eats during the day. ie: if you’re tired, you tend to eat more sugary, caffeinated things to keep your energy levels up

Physical: because this is where I can see if my FM has a pattern or trigger that I may discover as well as if it is affected by any weight gain/loss

Activity: to track levels of activity in relation to physical, mood, sleep, and weather changes if there’s any connection. This will NOT be deducted from the Total Calories Consumed

Total Calories Allowed: This amount is adjusted every morning after I weigh myself. I enter the current weight into my “LoseIt” app and then the daily calories allowed is adjusted automatically for that day.

Total Calories Consumed: A total of EVERYTHING eaten that day. The good, the bad, AND the ugly!