I Am What I Eat

For the Record – I enter EVERYTHING into my IPod app “LoseIt” every day. I record everything I eat throughout the day no matter what. I’m no angel in regards to always eating right and will not make excuses for my lack of fortitude. I will however admit to my faults and commit to making the necessary changes in order to succeed in this adventure.

→ Unless otherwise noted, I drink a lot of water throughout the day. At least 24oz or more. My glasses/cups hold 2c fluid and I fill it at least 4 or more times a day.

Here’s the Facts: On a daily basis I usually have a coffee (consisting of 1 1/2c hot water, 1 lg tsp instant coffee, 1 slightly heaped tsp sugar, approx. 3 tsp 2% milk) this never changes unless I’m having a “good” coffee like Kona or Blue Mountain then I’ll have it black. It’s very rare that I miss this one coffee a day.

UPDATE August 1, 2012: My coffee consists now of 1 heaping tsp of instant coffee, less than 1/2tsp sugar and a dribble of milk. I’m working my way to black coffee once again. I used to be a black coffee drinker until I had some very bad coffee experiences in restaraunts and would use the sugar and milk to make it taste better.

My SNACKS are usually consumed at night and mostly after 8pm. I’ve learned I am a nighttime muncher and it tends to be carb heavy. I am working on changing this habit.

I’ve also noticed my Breakfast and Lunch typically coincide since I don’t usually start eating until after 12pm no matter how early I wake up.

If I have access to coke, I drink it like there’s no tomorrow. This is a HUGE weakness for me. If I don’t have it in the house, I don’t drink it. I try not to buy the contraband, but sometimes I succumb to my humanity and I fall hard! 😮