I Am What I Eat



For the Record – I enter EVERYTHING into “MyFitnessPal” every day. I record everything I eat throughout the day no matter what. I’m no angel in regards to always eating right and will not make excuses for my lack of fortitude. I will however admit to my faults and commit to making the necessary changes in order to succeed in this adventure.

→ Unless otherwise noted, I drink a lot of water throughout the day. At least 24oz or more. My glasses/cups hold 2c fluid and I fill it at least 4 or more times a day.

Here’s the Facts: On a daily basis I usually have a coffee (consisting of 1 1/2c hot water, 1 lg tsp instant coffee, 1 slightly heaped tsp sugar, approx. 3 tsp 2% milk) this never changes unless I’m having a “good” coffee like Kona or Blue Mountain then I’ll have it black. It’s very rare that I miss this one coffee a day.

UPDATE August 1, 2012: My coffee consists now of 1 heaping tsp of instant coffee, less than 1/2tsp sugar and a dribble of milk. I’m working my way to black coffee once again. I used to be a black coffee drinker until I had some very bad coffee experiences in restaraunts and would use the sugar and milk to make it taste better.

UPDATE April 25, 2019: I no longer drink coffee on a daily basis. There are the occasional ones where I need an energy boost, but this is very rare.

My SNACKS are usually consumed at night and mostly after 8pm. I’ve learned I am a nighttime muncher and it tends to be carb heavy. I am working on changing this habit.

UPDATE April 25, 2019: I no longer snack in the evenings as I go to bed at 6pm every weekday. My working hours are still 5am to 1pm Monday – Friday which messes with my eating habits. My breakfast is 4am, lunch at 11am, and dinner at 3pm. I’ve been working at BTS now for over 5 years and it’s really impacted my sleep and eating patterns, making it very difficult to get an exercise routine in.

If I have access to coke, I drink it like there’s no tomorrow. This is a HUGE weakness for me. If I don’t have it in the house, I don’t drink it. I try not to buy the contraband, but sometimes I succumb to my humanity and I fall hard! 😮