Such A Long Way To Go – Yet Have Come So Far

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Back on December 22, 2014, I managed to get another job working at a local telecommunications company and a week later, Target announced they were closing all their Canadian stores, including the one I had just left. I knew something was going down back in October of that year when they had stopped hiring for the Christmas season.

So began my journey with Bell Technical Solutions aka BTS (Bell Canada owned)

My job involves a lot of manual labor which has me building some good muscle while the early hours provide a consistently reliable perpetual state of exhaustion. I get up at 3am Saturday – Wednesday and work from 5am – 1pm. When I’m not working, I am renovating my condo. Resulting in a typical day of staying active for about 16-18 hours.

So many changes you say? Well yes, so many in fact, I would need to write a novel instead of a journal. LOL

To summarize:

Our son bought his first apartment condo in early 2014. Then married March 6, 2016 and we haven’t really seen much of  him since.

Our daughter moved to Busan, South Korea in February 2017 to teach English and is loving every minute of it.

We sold our huge house after the kids moved out in May 2014 and bought a 3 bedroom, 1200 sq ft apartment condo and started renovating it before we even moved in. 3 years later, we’re still renovating…

After starting to work at BTS, my health continued to decline to the point the husband finally convinced me to go see a Naturopath. I had gone to the pill-pushing doctor, but all he wanted to do was to give me pills for the inflammation, pills for the pain, pills for the symptoms but no answers as to WHY I was having so many health issues. So we went to the first appointment with the Naturopath with loads of hope and anticipation to find answers why I am consistently sick and in pain. After a lengthy conversation, she put me on an elimination diet for 3 weeks. What this means is that I basically only ate fresh veggies (limited types), fruit (limited types) and chicken and fish (limited types). No dairy, eggs, shellfish, anything containing gluten, nothing processed, packaged or canned. And after 3 weeks, I survived! 😀 And to make things better, the pain and inflammation was dramatically reduced!

Once the 3 weeks passed and went back to the Naturopath for the next step, I got to introduce one thing at a time back into my diet on a weekly basis. So rice was first and so on…. until I found triggers that caused my pain and symptoms to return. After a few weeks of reintroducing foods back into my diet, foods containing gluten was the last thing to try. I ate some bread and within 20 minutes I was regretting everything! My stomach was in so much pain and my body was immediately reacting to the bread with inflammation and painful joints. I knew what it was right away.

Next follow-up visit with the Naturopath, basically established that I likely have Celiac disease based on my reactions to the gluten. At some point, I will need to go to the pill-pusher doctor to get officially tested for Celiac, but in the meantime, I’m finally pain free and losing weight once again and not missing the gluten at all!

To date I have found that as long as I steer clear of anything containing gluten, I do not have any health problems and not having migraines on a daily basis anymore is definitely something I’m willing to avoid at any cost!





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