WoW is all I can Say

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It’s been a while since I journaled my thoughts and think it’s high time I entered an update.

I ended up quitting the Holiday Inn because my boss “threw me under the bus” and did not help me in any way to regain the ability to do housekeeping after WSIB stopped being involved. So when they changed my schedule to only 4 hours a week, I quit.

Meanwhile, working at Target has turned out to be a good career move for me. At first, I absolutely HATED retail as I’ve never done it before but after a few weeks of working there I got moved around to different areas of the store while it was being set up before store opening, and I got a chance to see another side of the operations. Turns out, they love me, and moved me into a group called “instocks” to track store inventory. I enjoy it a lot and get decent hours too. Management recommended me to be promoted to yet another department. I’ve submitted interest in the softlines and pricing areas and have an internal interview on Wednesday next.

In other news, I’ve had some other health issues. Breast cancer has been a huge scare in my life but after mammograms and ultra sounds, they came back negative. I still have to go for the gene testing and some answers as to what the lumps are since they seem to think it’s not cancer but otherwise, am somewhat relieved it’s not as urgent as previously thought. I’m still worried it might be cancer since my mother already had a mastectomy because of cancer and it runs in our family. Making sure I am thoroughly tested will confirm or deny any suspicion of cancer. And thankfully, I’ve got my faith keeping me strong through this as well. I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for that!

Weightloss has been the least of my concerns since I hurt my back last year and once I get solid answers on my breast issue, I plan on starting another exercise and weightloss regime. I’m hoping for the spring once the nice weather comes so I can start by walking again.

I am currently weighing in at 235lbs…. That’s all I have to say about that…..