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Posted by snuggles1968 on May 28th, 2013 |Filed Under Emotions | Leave a Comment

A lot has happened since I last journaled. I had tried to return to work doing modified duties for 2 hours a day for 5 days a week but by the end of the 5th day I could barely walk let alone work. All I did for 90% of the last 2 hour shift was lay down and made sure my boss knew it before I left. The next two days I called in; not able to work because of the pain; then on May 23rd I had a Regional Evaluation Assessment by the WSIB called a REC. and according to their summary report, I was only able to do “water walking” until I have an MRI and they get the results in.

So I put a call in to my case manager at the WSIB and left a message for her to contact me regarding this information and that I’m unable to work due to the amount of pain I’m in. She has yet to return my calls. I’ve also faxed her with a formal letter indicating what I need and what is happening and STILL haven’t heard anything from her. Now today, I get a call from the physiotherapist that was part of the assessment and she thinks I may have “misinterpreted” the summary report in that she intended for me to return to work while I am supposedly to be doing “water therapy” as well. I reminded her that on the day of the assessment I was barely able to drive let alone walk at the appointment and how would I be able to cope with going to work as well. She said she’d have to discuss with the attending doctor and get back to me. I have a feeling I’m getting a huge run around by the WSIB trying to back peddle their decision.

I also went to my family doctor today as requested by the attending doctor at the assessment and am now on pain killers called percocet. I’ve never been on pain killers so he told me to take half of the dose to see how that works for me. I’ve only taken my first half of one about half an hour ago and I’m already feeling loopy. With this in mind, how in the world do they expect me to work like this now? It just amazes me how contradictory they can be at times! DOH!

Okay, am starting to see double so am going to go back to laying down again. I still feel the pain in my back but at least I don’t care anymore! LOL


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