Day 430 – Still Going ….

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Can you believe it has been 430 days since I started journaling my weight loss? It’s amazing how much has happened in this time.

Following up on my previous entry, WSIB is “harassing” me and trying to convince me to override my doctor’s recommendation to stay off work completely and he has recommended to me privately that I stay off that job until I am able to find another one that is less strenuous and physical. The WSIB lady actually full-out lied to me trying to tell me I am able to return to work whether my doctor says I can or not. I just let her talk but know the truth. I have read the WSIB website on their return to work policies and my doctor actually has the final say and I don’t HAVE to return to work unless he recommends it. I know they record the phone call conversations so when I was speaking with this woman, I made sure I did not say anything they would be able to misconstrue and try to stop the payments that I am entitled to. My chiropractor has given me until May 8th to be off work and submitted that information to my employer but the WSIB is trying to tell me I HAVE to go back to work asap. She recommended a nurse consultant for an assessment, MRI & xray. We’ll see if that does anything different. She also said she is going to recommend me to a “return to work specialist” who will apparently meet with my employer and myself to see what I am able to do at work while I’m recovering from this injury.

So, with that said, I have been looking for another job since I’ve been off work now for almost 4 weeks and sent out about 60 resumes to just about every job imaginable. Out of ALL these resumes I’ve sent out, I got ONE interview. Yes… only ONE! Pathetic if you ask me. With all my qualifications and transferable skill set, you’d think I’d get more responses than that. Oh well, one is better than none I suppose. I attended the interview this afternoon at 4pm. This particular job I had applied to is for a full-time butchers apprentice and will pay pretty darn good! I will know by this Friday if I get the job or not. I have to say, I think I would like the job though as it would expand my cooking/chef knowledge base even more and it would not be nearly as physically demanding as the one at the hotel.

Okay, WSIB – covered. Job search – covered…. what else… weight loss…. well… not doing so hot in that area right now. I am knowingly eating way too much (about 1700-1900 cals a day) and not able to exercise near as much as what I’d like to. I’m getting in about an hour of elliptical every 2 or 3 days and am incorporating the Wii fit in between those days to help with the muscle fatigue. I’m also doing circuit training every other day. I’m still not able to lean or bend without some sort of support to help me get down and up again. I’m still experiencing back spasms when I try to turn at the hips so I workout very carefully so as not to make my back hurt more. I’m currently weighing between 216-221lbs but am SO NOT HAPPY about this at all. Oh I also have been using my Polar HRM pretty much every time I am active and have discovered some information that might explain why I’m not losing the weight I should be.

I have Hashimoto’s disease which means my body went against my thyroid and basically “killed” it. When this happened, I started to gain the weight over many years despite my best efforts and think I now know why. The thyroid controls everything the body does including the metabolism and with the help of the HRM I was able to see exactly how many calories I burn during a rigorous workout for a certain amount of time based on my weight. On average, I’m burning only 5 calories a minute when I’m full-out exercising with a heart rate of 140bpm. A person with a “normal” metabolism will usually burn 18 calories or more in a minute. So it makes a LOT of sense why I’m literally not DROPPING the weight like I should be. The question is…. now what can I do???  I wish I could afford a personal trainer and someone to help me get my metabolism working right so I can burn calories. I also only burn an average of 2 calories a minute just doing normal daily activities. “Normal” people burn 8 – 10 calories a minute doing the very same things…. This has me really discouraged since I already eat between 1100 – 1500 calories a day and if I wanted to see the weight start coming off, I’d have to literally eat less than 500 calories a day to make any difference on the scales.

I guess only time will tell how this saga ends…. so not happy with my life right now… don’t get me wrong… personal life is good. Just the health and job isn’t so hot right now and I’m kinda discouraged and disappointed about how things have gone recently.


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