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Posted by snuggles1968 on April 10th, 2013 |Filed Under General | 1 Comment

Saturday April 6 – I hurt my back at work pulling a very heavy (about 100+lbs) housekeeping cart through a fire door and twisted my torso in such a way I immediately felt something go terribly wrong in the middle and lower back areas. Within hours, I was unable to bend or walk without being in extreme pain. I told my supervisor about the injury but she just gave me this blank stare and shrugged her shoulders. I had a feeling this meant, “just do your job” and she walked away.

At lunch time, my bosses were in the staff room and noticed I was not my usual feisty, jovial self and they asked what was wrong. Told them again, “I hurt my back and am in a LOT of pain”… Again, my supervisor shrugged then said, “you need to fill out an incident report” and the manager agreed. Yet they did nothing…

I hobbled out of the room and managed to finish the day out. Went to my boss’ office to do the incident report and no one was there. I left work to go home and try to get this pain to ease up. Was up all night with back spasms and extreme pain. Called into work early Sunday morning.

Have been off work since. I went to see my chiropractor and family doctor on Monday, April 8th. Chiropractor suspects a slipped disc and my family doctor won’t touch me as long as I am seeing the chiropractor. WSIB workers compensation has been suggested by both but still need to fill out that so-called “incident report” at work before I am able to file a claim.

I can barely walk, sit, go up steps, bend over, raise my legs or lift even a loaf of bread without excruciating pain piercing my back and they want me to go into work, walk up 2 flights of stairs, open a heavy door to fill out this report. Then am expected to sit and discuss injury with HR on first floor again. Geez…. what a fiasco!

And to make things worse, I’ve now gained 5lbs back due to inactivity!!! So NOT happy about this…. weighed in at 218lbs this morning I could just cry!


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