Life Changes Again

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I just got back from my chiropractors and have been getting treatments the past few weeks due to a back injury that happened at work on April 6th.

Because it’s a work related injury, I’ve submitted a claim to the WSIB to cover my medical costs and wages lost. While I was at the chiropractors “on ice” he got a call from the case worker at the WSIB to confirm the diagnosis and to find out if I have been “faking” the injury. He basically “schooled” her and got me approved for 8 weeks of treatment and wages but said I need to find a job that isn’t so physically demanding. This crushed me…. this job is one of the major reasons helping me to lose weight and get my life back on track. I’m pretty much devastated right now…

I’ve also gotten a call from HR at work and she “hinted” at a voluntary layoff option since it’s so “slow” at work right now. YEAH RIGHT!!! I wasn’t born yesterday!!!! I know they just want to get rid of me at this point – no loyalty from them whatsoever! So my thoughts are after I am treated for 8 weeks, I will take the voluntary layoff and go on EI for a year. During that time I can look for another job (dr strongly suggested an office job) and allow my back to continue healing.

The plan is, if I’m going to be off work for a while, I’ll continue controlling calories and exercising within my capabilities (which isn’t much right now) and hopefully I’ll still lose weight.

I did get myself a heart rate monitor watch with chest strap the other day. Polar FT4 and it’s marvelous! I wear it ALL THE TIME!!!! I’m learning how my body burns calories and what it takes to get my HR into the “zone”! Really enjoying this and it’s a good distraction for me right now.

While I’ve not been working, I try to keep my daily calorie budget below 1500 and still drinking lots of water. I still struggle with making sure I eat enough fruit and veg on a daily basis but am also restricted to what I can buy due to financial restrictions. Unfortunately ground beef and pastas are still cheaper than a bag of apples and salads with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrots. And since I’m not working right now, I can only buy what I can afford until something changes in this area.

So basically with all things considered, I think I’ve been doing alright in the area of weight loss and calorie control. I’ve been fluctuating between 215-220lbs over the past 3 weeks and averaging 1100-1500cals a day. Only time will tell if I’m ever able to return to a full time job and pick up the level of exercise I was doing before I had the injury.

I sure could use a personal trainer and therapist right now… ugh…

Must Write…

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Saturday April 6 – I hurt my back at work pulling a very heavy (about 100+lbs) housekeeping cart through a fire door and twisted my torso in such a way I immediately felt something go terribly wrong in the middle and lower back areas. Within hours, I was unable to bend or walk without being in extreme pain. I told my supervisor about the injury but she just gave me this blank stare and shrugged her shoulders. I had a feeling this meant, “just do your job” and she walked away.

At lunch time, my bosses were in the staff room and noticed I was not my usual feisty, jovial self and they asked what was wrong. Told them again, “I hurt my back and am in a LOT of pain”… Again, my supervisor shrugged then said, “you need to fill out an incident report” and the manager agreed. Yet they did nothing…

I hobbled out of the room and managed to finish the day out. Went to my boss’ office to do the incident report and no one was there. I left work to go home and try to get this pain to ease up. Was up all night with back spasms and extreme pain. Called into work early Sunday morning.

Have been off work since. I went to see my chiropractor and family doctor on Monday, April 8th. Chiropractor suspects a slipped disc and my family doctor won’t touch me as long as I am seeing the chiropractor. WSIB workers compensation has been suggested by both but still need to fill out that so-called “incident report” at work before I am able to file a claim.

I can barely walk, sit, go up steps, bend over, raise my legs or lift even a loaf of bread without excruciating pain piercing my back and they want me to go into work, walk up 2 flights of stairs, open a heavy door to fill out this report. Then am expected to sit and discuss injury with HR on first floor again. Geez…. what a fiasco!

And to make things worse, I’ve now gained 5lbs back due to inactivity!!! So NOT happy about this…. weighed in at 218lbs this morning I could just cry!

A Visual Update – To Keep Me Motivated

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In May 2012 I weighed my heaviest at 262.8lbs (may as well say 263lbs!) at a shirt size 3x with a plus size 22 pant.   In February 2013, I weighed 218lbs and wearing regular size 14 pant and a regular large shirt (have to leave room for the sisters!)

Nowadays, I’m weighing in at about 214lbs but since I’m typically retaining fluids and having some major issues with IBS, I figure if I were to do a “cleanse” I would most definitely be under 210lbs.

STATS: I’ve gone from a 51″ waist down to 37″, biceps – 16″ to 13″, upper thighs – 29″ to 24″, and the inches just keep dropping off!

The scale may not be moving as fast as I would hope but my body is sure telling me I’m losing fat. My calf muscles are very TONED and defined. My pectorals and laterals are bulking up quite nicely and I have noticed my breasts are actually getting some lift back to them! LOL Sounds crazy but true! Even my biceps are getting toned and my “bat wings” are shrinking! (bat wings are those flappy bits hanging off the biceps when you hold your arms at shoulder height) It seems the bulk of my fatty deposits are now centered around my waist/hip area but that’s how it’s always been with me. I’m just glad I’m losing the fat, gaining the muscle and getting my life back one day at a time! 🙂 Woot!