A Little “Beef”

Posted by snuggles1968 on March 14th, 2013 |Filed Under General | 2 Comments

Okay, so I belong to an online community called LoseIt. I have the application on my IPod and have been logging every single day for over 2 years now. I only found out about the online part of it in the spring of 2012 and love the support and encouragement I get from being part of this online community.

I do have a little beef with some of the folks on there though. It seems there are a few who don’t seem to think people should be allowed to track their calories burned regardless of HOW they are burned. For example, I work in a very physical job and on a typical 8 hour shift I will burn close to 3000 calories. This is a LOT of calories burned doing my very difficult job and has helped me lose a lot of fat and gain quite a bit of muscle in the past 8 months. In my opinion, I don’t care HOW someone burns calories, as long as they are! If tracking the calories burned while giving the dog a bath is what keeps you motivated to lose weight, then who am I to say anything different.

While I love this online community, I am finding it is mostly the “skinny” ones that do a lot of the complaining. I imagine they don’t understand what it takes for a morbidly obese person to stay motivated and continue in their own weight loss journey. They don’t know the struggles and various health issues that impede the shedding of the pounds on a daily basis. The “skinny” ones who only need to lose 10lbs or less with no health issues burn a lot less calories doing the very same thing as someone who has 100lbs to lose and it doesn’t seem to matter that what they are saying about someone else’s weight loss journey and tracking habits is hurting the person their insults are directed at.

I was morbidly obese when I started this journey in May 2012 and can honestly say now I am just “obese” and close to being within “normal” weight ranges within the year ahead. I have worked extremely hard to lose this first 50lbs and am deeply hurt by the so-called opinions of the “haters” on LoseIt.

My mother used to tell me: “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” And I think she was right.

I wanted to journal this because it’s really been weighing heavy on my mind lately and find it’s affecting my own struggles to lose more weight. The words of other’s really DO hurt and I wish people would stop and think about what they’re saying BEFORE they figure they’ve got an “opinion” about something they know nothing about! Then if its not something nice or encouraging and constructive, then they should keep it to themselves!


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